LMN Texas Instruments Phase Locked Loops – PLL datasheet, inventory, & pricing. LMN Datasheet PDF, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet. National Semiconductor LMN: available from 2 distributors. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing.

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However, if an external reactive component is used, it is important to adjust it for optimal passband shape and not simply to peak it for maximum sensitivity. A higher value resistor will decrease bandwidth, increase the recovered audio output, reduce the capture xatasheet, and increase harmonic distortion.

Data Sheet catalog: ParNumber from digitIndex LM

Units Supply Voltage, V C c 4. Type UDNW, for higher power requirements, is in a pin single in-line power tab package. A guarantee of mA output sink current capa- bility saturated is provided with the worse case TTL logic 1 level of 2. Phase shift network is aligned by applying F-M signal through de- coupling network to pin 4 V 4 – 5 mV rm s.

LMN datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The dynamics of the IC market make for an uncertain future for any supplier of display circuitry unable or unwilling to continue the technological advancement necessary to meet the changing demands of the display market.

Sprague CMOS devices feature input static protection but are still susceptible to damage when ex- posed to extremely high static electrical charges.

A typical data-input timing chart for this config- uration is shown in Figure 9. The maximum ton array. To simplify circuit board layout, all outputs are pinned opposite their respective inputs.

Input Impedance Z 6. A-l 1, Figure 2 DWG. To meet these performance objec- tives a new power amplifier design was required having no more than one Vgj; of swing restriction.


The detector in the F-M mode is a four- quadrant analog multiplier operating in the high-level injection mode. Minimum Data Pulse Width. Among advantages of BiMOS technology are microprocessor compatibility, low-power logic, a wide logic-supply range, component-count reduc- tion, bipolar output capability, CMOS noise immu- nity, and space-saving integration. Dependent on value of external current limiting resistor, 13 V at 0Q.

The package heat tab is at ground potential. Units Supply Voltage V cc 4. Parts with this higher voltage rating would create a potential for switching loads far in excess of watts!

Sprague has provided monolithic integrated circuit solutions to applications requiring segment currents of mA and digit currents of up to 1. The device is used with a thermal printer. Their high reliability and small size make them an excellent choice for those applications where space is at a premium. A d-c switch is used to change modes.

A d-c path of less than q must be provided between pins 2 and This allows the tuner designer to select an R-F amplifier and oscillator cir- cuit best-suited to the particular application.

Negative, current is defined as coming out of the specified device pin. Recommended V KK operating range: Two basic datashee have occurred relatively recently: Since these datazheet using the older gas discharge digit driver circuits require the use of appropriate pull-down resistors, either in discrete or thick-film network form, a more suitable solution employs the circuit shown in Figure By using the serial data output, the drivers can be cascaded for interface applications requiring additional drive lines.

LOW total package 1. Although the discrete output buffer could be used to increase the output capability of datassheet of the devices in this series, this lk1391n most often done by paral- leling outputs as was described earlier.

A low-resistance path must be provided between pins 9 and Minimum Clock Pulse Width 1. Expansion at a phenomenal pace continues, encompassing a multitude of products, particularly high-volume consumer products calculators, clocks, games, and watches. High inherent I-F rejection, 2. Three balanced stages of I-F amplification and limiting, each with its own level detector, and a double-balanced quadrature detector give the system high gain and effective common-mode rejection.


A simple d-c switch is used to change mode of operation.

Maximum ratings are shown in Table 3. This mode of operation dramatically re- duces off-station noise without sacrificing gain. Again, interference and noise are rejected through the use of balanc- ed current-mirror outputs. Minimum Strobe Pulse Width ns ns F. The minimum resistor value is determined by the maximum allowable sink datashset 16 mA for TTL, m A for CMOSthe minimum logic 0 output volt- age, and the maximum supply voltage as per the fol- lowing equation: There are two packages, five input characteristics, two output voltages, and two output currents covered by the listings.

1986_RCA_Linear_Integrated_Circuits 1986 RCA Linear Integrated Circuits

If the gate output is connected to addi- tional logic elements, a minimum logic 1 voltage of 2. State B and State D Output pulse duration is typically The minimum value for this resistor is q, giving a maximum load current of 4 mA rms. Published on Sep View Download 1. Plasma displays are well-suited to custom panels particularly those with various sizes of characters and with improvements in IC break- down voltages some further simplification of inter- face should evolve. A typical application appears in Figure 13; al- though the drawing depicts use with an electrosensi- tive printer, the device can also control inductive loads such as print hammers and solenoids, or ther- mal print heads.