You’ll find more than 18 hours of Photoshop video tutorials on this channel. These tutorials are aimed at intermediate to advanced Photoshop users. The Eureka Gry Garness ebooks on retouching are a resource for photographers who retouch, and retouchers who want to develop skills and efficiency. eBooks. The Gry Garness ebooks on retouching in Photoshop and digital colour are written by a working retoucher (and former fashion and advertising.

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See screenshots on details from the ebooks on their individual pages. Retouching Lips 22 min.

This retouching DVD is geared towards professional photographers and intermediate-advanced retouchers working in editorial, advertising and social photography. Arm Hairs Quick Conceal 12 min. I relate everything back to the capture of an image, and help my students with tips that are going to improve the capture and make gryy ideal for manipulation.

Actions are not supplied for graness DVD but we do recommend the ebook where there is a set of Actions supplied.

Mastering Pen Tool Paths in Photoshop 31 min. Making Hair Shine 11 min.

Beauty Retouching Techniques in Photoshop DVD – Eureka Imaging

In the video she demonstrates a range of beauty retouching techniques methods, through a variety of images, from images with professional models, artistes and non-models. A set of Tool Presets and a limited set of training images garnesd supplied. About Gry Garness eBooks.


The channel now has more material than the Gry Garness DVD, in tightly edited, content-rich training videos of super high streaming quality. Changing Hair Color In Photoshop 11 min. The video training shows all aspects of professional retouching, through a ebooj variety of images, with models and non-models. I highly recommend anything Gry Garness has authored. Delivering Image Files To Clients 8 min.

Simply select a video you like the look of from the library and watch the trailer. Adding Eyelashes on Close-ups 21 min. Gry Garness is an experienced Photoshop trainer, on her 11th Photoshop version. It’s ideal for photographers, assistants and retouchers who want to hone their skills.

Effective Selections in Photoshop 30 min. Retouching Eyes 36 min. The Gry Garness eBooks on retouching and colour are written by a working retoucher and former fashion and advertising photographer with extensive experience of teaching retouching techniques.

Compared to print books the PDF format is ideal. The books have proved to be a great source of new ideas and methods for thousands of digital operators, retouchers and graphic designers. Apply Image Channel Blending 24 min. The retouching video tutorials deliver an amazingly crisp rendition even on high-resolution screens.

Gry Garness – Expert Judge | Photocrowd Photo Competitions & Community Site

This is suitable for intermediate-advanced Eboook users. It’s more than 13 hours of lessons with Gry Garness, an experienced retoucher trainer. When we first launched we could find no precedent for what we wanted to do, but since then we have seen many small publishers adopt a similar format to our 3-column A4 landscape layout. The subject of color theory ggy quite sophisticated and this is a high-level textbook which can be utilized by everyone from beginner to professional colorists.


Retouching Eyebrows 20 min.

Gry Garness

Preparing an Image for Output 44 min. Other books in her tutorial series include: There are currently 3 editions of the retouching book and a series of in-depth color eBooks in the works. The key to success in colour photography is knowing how colors affect each other.

This is not casual reading.

The video tutorials are available to watch instantly via our video channel. She is an international working retoucher who has retouched beauty product campaigns and a many UK celebrities. Ebok can rent single training tutorials or subscribe. Pop The Highlights 8 min.

Pay As You Go. Hair Masks Using Color Adjustments 30 min.